A sample of the view at StoneWind Retreat A sample of the view at StoneWind Retreat A sample of the view at StoneWind Retreat A sample of the view at StoneWind Retreat
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Yurt Cabins — Then and Now

A yurt is a type of round cylindrical dwelling capped with a conic roof that's been in use for at least the past few thousand years. Originating in Central Asia (Genghis Khan and his horde used them), and still used today in Siberia, Mongolia, and Turkey, the yurt was valued by its native progenitors for its portability, durability and structural soundness. The ancient yurts were easy to put up and take down in a few hours and could be transported on the backs of horses and yaks, vital requirements for nomadic tribesmen.

Our yurts, manufactured in Oregon by Pacific Yurts, the first manufacturer of yurts in North America, are a modern version of these ancient round shelters. The Pacific Yurt is a lightweight, state-of-the-art version that retains the sense of wholeness of the ancient form while delivering the structural integrity, longevity, and low maintenance demanded by modern users. They are circular structures that consist of a durable fabric cover, tension band and a wood frame that includes a lattice wall, radial rafters, central compression ring and a framed door. Structurally a yurt is considered a class of tent, but StoneWind’s yurts are permanent buildings that are much stronger, weather tight, and far more luxurious than a tent. They have a highly durable vinyl outer shell, an interior of wood lattice walls, radial wooden rafters, a central dome skylight, a framed door, and specially designed windows.

StoneWind’s yurts are built into large 40’ x 40’ sturdy decks with all the unique sense of wholeness of the ancient form plus luxurious interiors, very high structural integrity, longevity, and low maintenance. All of StoneWind’s yurts are 30’ in diameter, the largest size Pacific Yurts makes, with 709 square feet of usable space outfitted with all the conveniences of modern living including fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms, central heat and air, washer/dryers, gas log-flame stoves, wifi, and gas grills for barbecuing. Each private deck has a table and chairs for outside dining, as well as a hot tub with gorgeous mountain views.